Friday, October 27, 2006

Council exercises limited control on right of way

The Johnson County Sun: "Councilman Neal Sawyer said if any boxes are damaged, AT&T should be responsible for replacing them and upgrading them to meet the landscaping requirements.

'That's part of the cost of doing business. You went to the state, you didn't come to us, and now we basically have to go by what the state says,' Sawyer said. 'Here's a case where we don't have to be the nice guys. We're supposed to be representing the citizens of Shawnee ... not AT&T. They want to come to this community worse than we want them to come here to provide their services. I don't believe we need to bend over backwards.'

Carroll said the ordinance 'doesn't just apply to AT&T, it applies to all utilities - Kansas City Power and Light, Time Warner, Everest. I'm representing all of us."


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