Friday, October 27, 2006

Rocky River wants AT&T Sun News, Cleveland, Ohio

Rocky River wants AT&T Sun News, Cleveland, Ohio: "Rocky River wants AT&T
to redesign a better fit

By Meredyth McKenzie
Staff Writer

July 13, 2006

ROCKY RIVER — City officials are working with AT&T to change how the Project Lightspeed build-out would take place here, and, if it does not change, they're prepared to ask the utility to come back at a later date when it can be changed.

Officials from both parties met on June 29 to discuss the future of the build-out and related details. There is no construction on the $4.6 million project currently taking place in the city, but several boxes already have popped up, including one on Bonnie Bank Boulevard. Residents from that street and Aberdeen Road oppose the large boxes coming into their neighborhoods.

Once the build-out is complete, there will be 34 boxes on public and private easements and right-of-ways in residential and commercial areas around the city. Mayor Pam Bobst said the city decided to ask AT&T to redesign the build-out to provide a better fit for the residential neighborhoods."

Council exercises limited control on right of way

The Johnson County Sun: "Councilman Neal Sawyer said if any boxes are damaged, AT&T should be responsible for replacing them and upgrading them to meet the landscaping requirements.

'That's part of the cost of doing business. You went to the state, you didn't come to us, and now we basically have to go by what the state says,' Sawyer said. 'Here's a case where we don't have to be the nice guys. We're supposed to be representing the citizens of Shawnee ... not AT&T. They want to come to this community worse than we want them to come here to provide their services. I don't believe we need to bend over backwards.'

Carroll said the ordinance 'doesn't just apply to AT&T, it applies to all utilities - Kansas City Power and Light, Time Warner, Everest. I'm representing all of us."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's This "No Godzilla Box" Thing About?

This is what's at stake. These huge utility companies just drop these enormous boxes in anywhere there want to without regard for the neighborhood or individual home owners. To them, it's just another day at the office making money while our property values suffer and our living environment deteriorates.

It started with just a few necessary boxes like those for traffic signals and electric distribution. Now, with the growth of competition in the telecommunications business for phone, internet, and cable tv, it seems that all these companies need their own Godzilla boxes and they are multiplying like rabbits. In this picture, you can see what has happened to some poor families back yard when AT&T decided they wanted to be in the tv business. Do you think AT&T cared about how ugly this looks or folks that were unlucky enough to have the public right-of-way go through their yard? If you think that's their problem, think again! Every home owner has a public easement and these days most of the easements are in the front yard. Imagine having one of these lovely Godzilla statues in your front yard. It is happening more and more.